Go Travel and Talk Blog Feature of the Month

Posted 18th Dec 2018
Travel for Difference

Go Travel and Talk’s ‘Feature of the Month’ is all about connecting each other with the inspiration we need to EXPLORE, SHARE and IMPACT. The purpose of this monthly feature is to showcase explorers who are out in the world making a positive impact, and to empower each other to get involved. By joining the Go Travel and Talk community and learning from one another through sharing our insights, stories and experiences we believe that TOGETHER we can positively shape the future of travel. 

Go Travel and Talk’s ‘Blog Feature of the Month’ December 2018 goes to 'Travel for Difference' by the inspirational Kate, a sustainable travel blogger from Australia.

Why Go Travel and Talk loves Travel For Difference

Kate has created something truly remarkable with Travel for Difference. Her unwavering honesty, compassion and kindness for others is unique and immediately draws you into to this beautiful space she has created with Travel for Difference.
Kate speaks through her experiences from the heart, and without judgement or force, she suggests ways in which we can live our lives more sustainably. The insights and knowledge Kate brings to the table are invaluable and presented in a way that you instantly feel inspired and motivated to follow in Kates footsteps of eco-conscious living.
Travel for Difference is beautifully designed, and the way in which she writes is so inviting, you will feel like you are sitting next to Kate, discussing how you can grow together with the common mission of spreading kindness and reducing our impact on the world around us.
You will find well written and insightful blog posts on Travel for Difference, sprinkled with Kate's humour and personality.

Some of Go Travel and Talks favourites are:

“Want to travel sustainably? Here are some easy steps to get started”  

“5 inspiring destinations that will change your life”

“Carbon offsetting – Everything you need to know” 

“A list of Palm Oil free Products – How you can reduce your impact”

These are only a few of our favourites but there are MANY more, so take some time and head to ‘Travel for Difference’ and Kate's journey on Instagram: @travelfordifferenceblog / Facebook it will ignite a fire that you never knew you had.  

Go Travel and Talk are excited to continue on this journey with Kate, and learn from here as she delves deeper into sustainable travel, zero waste and eco-friendly living. 

Kate’s Story

Hi there! I'm Kate - I'm 23 years old and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. 

I am a sustainable travel blogger and freelance writer, which has been my career for about 2 and half years now. Before heading down this path, I was working as a makeup artist and cosmetician, where I cared more about enhancing people's looks than anything else for that matter.

Things started to change for me when I went to India in 2015 and had a total shift in perspective. I saw things that I never thought I'd see, and I left there feeling like something inside of me had flipped. I began hating my current job and the meaning behind it, along with everything that life was at that point. 

Then one day I had a calling to start a blog... So I did exactly that! I started writing about travel, sustainability, eco-living and being kind to the planet, and now here I am!

I'm not a huge fan of labels, but I like to call myself a compassion enthusiast, a peaceful activist, an eco-conscious human being and a lover of all life on earth. 

I'm pretty much just Kate; a young Australian woman who is listening, learning and growing, and hoping that others might do the same.

Go Travel an Talk asks...


What does exploring mean to you?

Exploring to me, means challenging myself and questioning everything I've known in the past. To truly explore, I believe you've got to leave everything behind, open your mind and be ready for a challenge ~ not physically as such, more in a mental sense. 

Experiencing new things is where I find my inspiration. I'm a big believer in Absorbing VS Creating; that you have to take the time to absorb new sights, smells, sounds and information, in order to create and be the best version of yourself. 

It doesn't mean that you have to travel far away ~ you can explore new places outside your backdoor, and ideas within the comfort of your own home. It's more of a mindset thing for me... Without challenging myself and my intentions, I'm not me. 

I guess that's why I love travelling so much. I've learnt more about myself and this planet than I did in my 12 years of education.

Exploring is not just a something I love, it's a necessity. 


Why do you believe in sharing your experiences?

I share my experiences because it feels right! My aim in life is to trust myself and always follow my instincts, and this is just where life ended up taking me. 

Before I started blogging/sharing online ~ as mentioned ~ I was working in the beauty industry, so things were a little different. I always loved social media and photography, so when I found my passion for sustainability, it just felt right to combine the two and continue sharing online.

I am also a firm believer in leading by example, so this is something that comes quite naturally to me. I hate telling people what to do, I just share my own experiences and my knowledge in the hopes that someone might learn something from me along the way. 


How do you make a positive impact through travel?

Well, I can't always guarantee that I make a positive impact, but I do try my best. 

The thing that really comes to mind, is that travel was the thing that taught me to care about sustainability and eco living in the first place. It was through seeing melting glaciers, an abundance of plastic waste and crazy weather conditions, that I learnt about the heartbreaking state that this planet was in.

Because of that, my main mission through blogging/sharing online is to encourage people to make ethical and sustainable travel choices. I want people to be able to continue exploring the world, whilst being a little kinder to the planet and its species along the way.

When I'm on the road though, I always try to stay, eat and shop locally, produce minimal waste, eat a vegetarian/vegan diet where possible, offset my carbon footprint, choose alternative options to air travel whenever I can, and support small businesses at all cost.

I think the biggest tip I have to make a "positive impact" is to just RESEARCH. Always ask yourself if what you're doing is good for the planet, the people and the animals too. It's not always an easy answer or solution, but the fact that you even question it is a good place to start!