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5 Off The Beaten Path Places in China

20th Nov 2020

Breathtaking landscapes and monuments are what Chinese people are proud of when they are introducing their country to foreign visitors. And now we are sharing those secret spots with you!

How to Make Friends with Locals when Traveling around China

1st Nov 2020

Travelling is about connecting with a place and the people who call it home. But it is not always that easy. If you are thinking about travelling to China in the near future, use these tips to help you create lifelong friendships, making your visit even more special!

How to become Location Independent

27th Oct 2020

After 2 years of hard work, I am now location independent which means I can work from anywhere in the world. Here is how I did it, what I have learnt and the resources you need to achieve it too.

Traveling Around China: Cultural Differences

16th Oct 2020

For many foreigners, China is a place where everything is so different. Written by That's Mandarin, join us as we explore five cultural differences you can observe while traveling around China.

Four Unique Glamping Breaks in South West England

11th Sep 2020

Within easy reach from London, the South West of England is the perfect place to find glamping breaks that will leave you speechless. Here are four unique places to stay as well as my favourite glamping resources so you can plan your very own luxury glamping break.

Glamping Holidays: Are they right for you?

11th Sep 2020

With COVID lingering on, camping breaks, glamping holidays and road trips have seen a revival. But what is all the fuss about? Join me as I explore what glamping is and how and where you can find incredible incredible and unique glamping holidays around the world.

Wild Camping 101: Everything you need to know

7th Aug 2020

Wild camping is a brilliant way to travel off the beaten path while seeking adventure close to home. But what is wild camping and how can you get involved?

Psychogeography: The World In Full View

16th Jul 2020

Psychogeography allows us to lose ourselves in a moment and a place, and embrace how we truly see the world. While the concept of Psychogeography is not new, now is the perfect time to use it to explore the memories of our trips.

Lessons learned from COVID-19: Embracing sustainable travel

19th Jun 2020

While our time behind closed doors feels alien from the freedom we usually enjoy, there are lessons to be learned from it. If COVID has taught us anything, it is the importance of sustainable travel and preserving the world around us.

Travel in a post COVID era

2nd Jun 2020

COVID has disrupted the tourism industry and because of that, travel as we know it will look very different when we return to our globetrotting adventures. But how? And what can we do to help balance our travelling desires with the health of the planet?

Travel during COVID-19: If you can't go outside, go inside.

29th Apr 2020

Travel during COVID-19: 'If you can't go outside, go inside'. But how do you understand & embrace your inner journey? Join us as we explore ourselves, while the world outside waits patiently for us.

7 fun mini adventure ideas while staying close to home

13th Apr 2020

In this crazy COVID times, we ask ourselves, how do you travel when you can't actually travel? Well, we have the answer! Explore closer to home and get started with our top seven mini adventure ideas!