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Go travel and Talk is for conscious solo travellers seeking alternative destinations and unique experiences on a budget.

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Research shows that travelling alone and experiencing life outside of our comfort zone does wonders for our well-being. It helps us deal with change, become more adaptable, open and conscientious and it promotes personal growth. Solo travel also gives us the opportunity for cultural exchange and to learn about the world in finite detail. But it can be scary and we get that. With the help of the Go Travel and Talk platform, we hope that we can provide you with all the encouragement you need to take that leap of faith.


Go Travel and Talk

Community gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge, build valuable relationships and create a deeper sense of belonging. Go Travel and Talk’s vision is to make travel a force for good. To make our travels as fulfilling for others as it is for us. We focus on connecting our readers with not just the place but the people and the community too. We believe in doing something purposeful with our travels - building relationships and making a positive impact on the people, places and communities we visit. 


Go Travel and Talk

Conscious travel is making sure that when we travel, we do so mindfully. It means travelling with our eyes wide open and creating a positive impact not just for ourselves but for the communities we visit. Tourism can have many socially and environmentally harmful effects, but tourism can also be used as a force for good if we do our part in helping to protect our planet. This is not just about our carbon emissions and plastic use, but also about acting responsibly in our attitude towards people’s traditions, culture and heritage. Conscious travel is about thinking differently; adapting our perception of the world and seeing a place through local eyes.

A Little Bit About Me...

Hi - I’m Cj and I am the creator of Go Travel and Talk, a platform dedicated to conscious solo travellers looking for alternative destinations, unique experiences and connection to the world around us. 

The idea to start Go Travel and Talk first came to me on a bus journey in South America in the Summer of 2018. I was coming to the end of my six month solo adventure across South America and reflecting on how this particular trip had been so different to the ones I had taken previously.

This time had immersed myself in the culture and the lives of the local people. I volunteered, stayed in homestays and enjoyed off the beaten path adventures.

I hung out on my own A LOT and I spent more time with the locals than I did with other travellers – even with my broken Spanish. I learnt how to make yucca pitta bread from yams, I played with the children of Colombia in one of the most dangerous and impoverished favelas, I walked the streets of Cali all night, handing out bread and water to the homeless, I hiked with local Ecuadorians living in some of the most remote areas and I met the cloud warriors in Peru’s Chachapoyas region.

Cj Sinclair, Travel Journalist. Go Travel and Talk

South America changed me. Instead of following tourist trails and ticking things off my bucket list, I listened, I talked and I connected with the places I visited and the communities who welcomed me in. Without knowing, I began to embrace conscious solo travelling and my life transformed because of it.

When I reluctantly returned to London after my six month trip, I knew my old life wasn’t right for me anymore. So I left. I left my job, my house, my friends and everything I knew, to move in with my parents in the middle of the English countryside. It wasn’t long before I started planning how I would materialise and share what I had learnt and after months of planning, Go Travel and Talk was born.

The world around us is changing and people are starting to consciously shift and wake up. We are no longer seeking out mass tourism and tourist hotspots. Instead we are becoming more conscious of how our actions can affect others and the world around us. We are now consciously seeking meaningful and immersive experiences that have a long lasting impact, allowing us to gain a better understanding of the world around us. We want to feel enlightened and transformed from our travels; simply checking things off our ‘bucket list’ isn’t enough any more.

Go Travel and Talk aims to be a valuable resource for solo travellers who want to (or already do) travel consciously.

Our goal is to create a sustainable travel economy that, instead of focusing on money and profit, creates connection, community and a positive impact in the places we visit. We aim to always seek out authentic experiences to share with you, that enrich not only your life, but the lives of everyone you meet along the way. 

How Can We Help You?

Go Travel and Talk provides detailed travel guides and itineraries to worldwide destinations written by solo travellers just like you and me.

We break down how to navigate transportation, how to find the best budget accommodation options and homestays, where to eat locally and what to see and do with a focus on cultural experiences and exchanges rather than mainstream tourist attractions. As much as we can (through personal experience), we offer volunteering opportunities at the end of our travel guides, so you can have the opportunity to make a positive impact through your travels and build authentic connections with the people and places you meet.

We also offer helpful articles on our community blog. This is a space that we open up to our community, where solo travellers, non-profit organisations and travel related businesses can share their insights, knowledge and expertise. With this, we hope to connect, inspire and educate each other about how we can travel consciously, using travel as a force for good.

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Meet the content creators behind Go Travel and Talk

Go Travel and Talk is travel platform created by travellers from all around the world, sharing their experiences and knowledge as a way to inspire others. If YOU would like to get involved and create content with us, to help others and shape the future of travel, please head to our CONTACT page and send us a message, or catch us on Instagram!