Go Travel and Talk Organisation Feature of the Month

Posted 9th Feb 2019

Go Travel and Talk’s featured Organization of the month is about connecting each other with the inspiration we need to EXPLORE, SHARE and IMPACT. The purpose of this monthly feature is to showcase organizations who are out in the world making a positive impact and to empower each other to get involved. By joining the Go Travel and Talk community and learning from one another through sharing our insights, stories and experiences, we believe that TOGETHER we can positively shape the future of travel. 

Go Travel and Talk's 'Organization Feature of the Month' February 2019 goes to NuMundo, a beautiful network offering transformational experiences through eco villages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects and retreat centres.

Why Go Travel and talk Loves Numundo

Go Travel and Talk and NuMundo share many core values, such as the power of going outside our comfort zones, the significance of expanding our worldviews, and the importance of making a positive impact in the world. Go Travel and talk loves NuMundo’s concept of “transformational travel” ~ the idea that travel can open our minds, expand our perspectives, inspire our purpose, and enrich our lives.  We at Go Travel and Talk are inspired by NuMundo’s mission to empower individuals and communities to

“redefine human potential and ignite their purpose.”  

NuMundo effectively tackles the challenge of creating a more sustainable world through being an amazing resource of hundreds of eco-projects and sustainability centers around the world.  Their website is easy to use and will inspire you with the amount of opportunities there are to make a positive impact in the location of your choice!  

They also serve as a great resource for people looking for enriching experiences to further connect with themselves. NuMundo makes it easy for travelers to connect  with these opportunities and plan these experiences through being able to easily and directly book a pleathora with the impact centers right on their website.

Overall, NuMundo is an inspiring organization rooted in the values of personal growth and global impact and a valuable resource of enriching experiences ranging from permaculture-based work-aways, community-based projects, yoga retreats and cultural immersion experiences.

NuMundo's Story

At NuMundo, we believe that a journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the liberation of living simply.

Transformational travel takes this concept a step further through exposure to projects that will replace one’s social conditioning with a whole new way of being. Through our platform and shared media, we are empowering individuals and communities to redefine human potential, ignite their purpose, and design their journey to a sustainable future.

We are enthusiastic about building a decentralized global movement of passionate people and land stewards to co-create a thriving planet for ourselves and future generations.

NuMundo was birthed in April 2013 by co-founders David Casey, Erika Logie, Shayna Gladstone, and Jennifer Schmidt. They shared a vision of a decentralized network of autonomous yet interlinked “impact centers.” Impact Centers are land-based projects that offer individual transformation and regenerative living education, and that strive to leave a positive local impact. An impact center could be an ecovillage, organic farm, yoga retreat center, or even a hostel, as long as they meet these criteria. 

NuMundo arose out of a need for better access to information and resources for both travelers and centers. Founder and visionary David Casey spent four years traveling to centers in Latin America and realized that there was no central database for people to obtain trustworthy information about these locations and experiences. Over the years, hundreds of people asked him for advice on which places to go, and he understood the clear demand for the NuMundo platform.

NuMundo released the first alpha version of an online platform in December of 2014. What began as a simple director has since grown in features and listings, evolving into a booking tool for accommodation, work-trade positions, events, and other experiences at these centers.

Our goal is not only to facilitate the experience of educational and transformational travel, but to also support centers by attracting talent and generating resources which will help them increase their local impact.

Today, we are still growing the dream and evolving into a thriving global tribe. We're constantly developing new features to better serve our network of Impact Centers, event facilitators, and travelers. The NuMundo platform currently connects over 750 centers, and hundreds of experiences and work trades.

We're passionate about a future of regenerative lifestyles and fully realized human potential. Every day we take another step in the right direction and move closer to our vision for a Nu world.

Go Travel and Talk asks...


What does 'making a positive impact' mean to you?

At NuMundo, we believe that "sustainable" is no longer enough. That's why we prefer to talk about "regenerative" lifestyles and projects. Making a positive impact means leaving our environment, our communities, and our societies stronger and more vibrant than we found them. It means working with local populations and offering support with humility and openness to collaboration. It means listening more than we speak. Positive impact comes from co-creative initiatives, not top-down development.

We also believe in the power of personal transformation. One human being who experiences deep transformation and insight into new/old ways of living and being will bring that inspiration home with them and transform their communities in turn.

Small, individual changes carry limitless potential for global shifts.   


What actions are you taking to make a positive impact in the world?

By connecting travelers and impact centers with resources and opportunities for transformational travel, we facilitate positive impact every day. Each time someone travels through the NuMundo network, they are participating in a new paradigm of ethical and regenerative travel, regenerative living, and conscious community. Each time an impact center joins the NuMundo network, they access more of the resources they need to fully realize their potential to have a positive impact on the ground. 


How can the Go Travel and Talk platform support your mission?

We see Go Travel and Talk as an incredible resource for those seeking to travel in the "NuSphere," that is, those seeking to travel regeneratively and with positive impact. By providing detailed travel guides and information, the Go Travel and Talk platform empowers (and inspires!) seekers and dreamers to travel in alignment with NuMundo's vision.

We are so grateful that mission-aligned platforms and communities like Go Travel and Talk exist to co-facilitate transformational and impactful travel around the world!

Go Travel and Talk have a little treat for you....

As part of our partnership with NuMundo, they have very kindly given us an AMAZING discount code for their NuLiving Experience in Costa Rica this FEBRUARY which gives you a $50 off!! 

The NuLiving Experience offers two weeks of co-Living and co-working on your own personal projects whilst being support by an incredible community in the stunning Costa Rican Jungle. The experience involves yoga, hiking, cacao ceremonies, co-mentorship sessions, plant medicine guidance, dancing, guided journaling and SO MUCH MORE. Not to mention being surrounded by inspirational people JUST LIKE YOU. 

You will be sleeping in beautiful bell tents, recieving 3 organic meals a day, taking part in group activities and have access to a yoga deck, pool, WIFI and lots of other amenities, including airport transfer. 


BOOK NOW through this link to the NuMundo website and use the code: TRAVELTALK.


Enjoy and thank you NuMundo!