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I am Celia, I am French and 30 years old.

Today I am standing in my beautiful home town Strasbourg, which I left early and often to explore unknown lands. With my parents and from a young age, I traveled across Europe and explored its capitals, which made me feel alive and I quickly became curious of what else is out there. Later on, I spent some study years in the UK and in Beijing which finally opened my eyes to the big wide world. Nowadays, I live for travelling. I like exploring and discovering new cultures, new ways of thinking and obviously fooood! Olalalala I loooove food diversity!!!!

The best thing about traveling is that it makes me feel like a child again, being in a huuuuge playground and continuously learning the lessons of life. Three things you should know about me:

  1. I am a hopeless optimist
  2. I laugh about everything and anything
  3. I hate it when people figure out that I m French when I speak English, even after just one word!

I hope you like some of the stories and experiences I share with you via Go Travel and Talk, so you can discover some of the beauties of seeing the world through a child’s eyes and fill your blank pages with endless wonders. I am more than happy to join Go Travel and Talk to share my experiences, tips and French way of seeing life...

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