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Hey there! My name is Emily. I am originally from the United States where I studied psychology and creative writing at the University of Colorado. I always have about 5 half read books in my bag, collect weird postcards, and have a deep love for llamas and other furry creature (I have befriended most of the stray dogs in my town). I currently reside in Arequipa, Peru, where I have been living for the past four months. Before Peru, I was solo traveling for 7 months around the world. My time traveling was spent between seeing tourists sites and working on farms and volunteering in hostels. I always found it far more rewarding to travel in this way, immersing myself deeply into the culture, learning the language, and living with the locals. After 7 months, I got sick of packing my bags all the time, so I decided to get certified to teach English, which is what I am happily doing now!

I have always been passionate about travel. I have been fortunate enough to have been traveling since I was young, acquiring the incessant itch to explore early on. I travel because I am restless and I’m always seeking new places and experiences. Through this addiction, I have discovered so much more than I ever could have from staying in one place. The richness of experience and knowledge that travel brings to your life is unmatchable to a college education, not to mention the people, the food, the language, the culture… it’s all sooo good! Writing about my travels is a way for me to share what I have learned and hopefully encourage others to do the same. So many people are stuck in the mindset that they can’t go travel, but I want to help show them it's possible and it’s really easy! I joined Go Travel and Talk because I wanted to be apart of a travel community where I can share my stories and learn about the stories of others, living an unconventional lifestyle through travelling.

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