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Hi! I’m Jen. I grew up in New Zealand where I spent my time hiking, kayaking, not wearing shoes, reading Harry Potter and playing Sega games. In my young adulthood, I studied Psychology back home in Wellington while developing my affinity for wine, vegan food, comics and travelling at every opportunity I could. Since leaving New Zealand, I have called Sri Lanka, Colombia, the US and the UK home. I have driven a rickshaw across India, stayed in a Monastery in Thailand and volunteered in the jungles of Costa Rica. It is these experiences that I treasure the most.

I am now living in London, working for an International Development charity and doing a Masters in International Humanitarian Psychosocial Intervention, with the hopes of using this experience to give back to developing communities in a more meaningful way. I travel because I am motivated by opportunities to learn about people, places and food and the stories behind different cultures. While travelling provides us with great memories, open-mindedness, more confidence and helps us to be happier, it also reminds us of the diverse upbringings and experiences people have and the challenges faced by others in different parts of the world. I have joined Go Travel and Talk because I believe in the importance of mindful travel and enriching your travels by giving back to individuals and communities you encounter where possible.

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