Go Travel and Talk Writer Louise

I am a constant wanderer and hopeless dreamer based in London. I am a guilty feminist, Harry Potter lover, self proclaimed foodie, yoga enthusiast and collector of ceramics for my future home. 

I studied Architecture across 3 cities and grew up in the English countryside before making London my home.  As an Architect and Interior Designer I’m wired for wanderlust, seeking beauty and inspiration from everything I stumble across, from the pastel hues of India’s water at dusk to the intricate weavings made in the mountains of Peru. 

Being a designer I love discovering and researching new cityscapes and landscapes. I have joined the Go Travel and Talk community because I would love to share my passion of travel with others, whilst learning from like minded people on how we can see the world but limit our impact at the same time. The world is such a beautiful place and the more I travel, the bigger the world becomes and the more I want to explore.

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Louise Hawes Baker