Go Travel and Talk Pia

Hi Everyone! My name is Pia and I’m a South African lawyer who is currently doing her PhD in London.

I have loved travelling since I first left home at 16 years-old to study at an international boarding school in Canada. Moving away from my entire family and all of my friends was super scary, but I got the most incredible opportunity to meet exciting people from all over the world and learn invaluable lessons about different cultures and ways of life. I became addicted to new experiences and meeting inspirational souls.

Since then, I have called a few places home and recently moved from Hong Kong to London. My favourite place on this planet will always be my home city of Cape Town, but I have grown to appreciate the beauty of every place I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

When CJ told me about Go Travel and Talk, I immediately fell in love with this initiative and wanted to be part of such an awesome community of explorers. Travelling has been the greatest teacher in my life and there is no better way to grow personally and connect with other human beings.

I hope to have a long life consisting of endless travel stories!

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