Hello, I’m Shelby! Since I was a kid, I’ve always known that traveling would be an important part of my life. From road trips and family camping holidays to backpacking across South East Asia and solo traveling through Guatemala, I’ve definitely always had the adventure bug!

While backpacking, I noticed that while travelers tend to be overall more conscious than people who don’t travel, there still wasn’t a huge commitment to sustainability. We all know that single-use plastics are destroying our planet— it’s hard to travel anywhere these days without seeing it littered in nature— yet we collectively do so little to combat these environmental problems.

This thought led to me starting my own sustainable travel blog, Live Well Travel Far, as a platform to talk about sustainable travel. As travelers, we see and experience so much of the world, which is why (I believe) we need to adopt a stronger commitment to sustainability by increasing our environmental awareness, being more respectful towards local cultures, enhancing our education on animal tourism and adopting more conscious money spending habits.

Clearly, there’s a lot to unpack here! At the end of the day, I believe we can leave the places we visit so much better than when we arrived. And, this mission is why I decided to write for Go Travel and Talk.

Go Travel and Talk and LWTF (my blog) share a similar mission, and what better way to change the world than by working together!?

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Shelby Rowe