5 Off The Beaten Path Places in China

Posted 20th Nov 2020
5 Off The Beaten Path Places in China For You To Explore

Numerous magnificent monuments and scenic spots are what Chinese people are proud of when they are introducing Chinese history and culture to foreign visitors.

You might have been to some of the well-known tourist sites such as the Great Wall. However, there are quite a few less prestigious tourist destinations that are also worth visiting. For instance, you might want to know a bit more about the following 5 off the beaten-path places in China. Perfect for intrepid and curious travellers!

1. 南浔 Nanxun (Nánxún)

Nanxun (pictured below) is a typical water town located in Zhejiang province. This little town is not as popular as Xitang (西塘 xītáng) and Wuzhen (乌镇 wūzhèn), which are visited by millions of local and foreign tourists every year. But it’s still got some marvelous places for you to explore. It also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the serenity which you can hardly observe when living in a big city.

Just like most of the other water towns in China, small rivers and streams play a tremendous role in forming the panorama of Nanxun. Some of the famous water towns are being commercialised to make profits by taking advantage of the large number of visitors they receive every year. But souvenir stores can hardly be seen in Nanxun. This will allow you to have an insight into the local people's daily lives in this small town.

2. 沙溪古镇 Shaxi Ancient Town (Shāxī Gǔzhèn)

Shaxi (pictured below) is situated in Jiangsu province. It's pretty close to Shanghai, the financial center of China. Shaxi is a typical ancient Chinese town, people call it "the second 周庄 (zhōuzhuāng)". This is one of the most famous ancient towns in China.

In Shaxi, you will be able to see a good number of old buildings which can serve as a decent illustration of Chinese architecture. What is different between Shaxi and other ancient towns? It's a tourist site but at the same time also a residential area. This means you will have the chance to observe the local people's simple and peaceful life.

3. 仙居 Xianju (Xiānjū)

Xianju (pictured below) is a small beautiful town located in Zhejiang province. The literal meaning of the name of this town is "a place where immortals live". Its mysteriousness will for sure attract curious travellers to come and a visit.

Surrounded by undulating hills and terraced fields, the stunning natural scenery of this secluded town is well preserved. This makes it an ideal choice for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. As Xianju is not considered a popular tourist destination at all, you will have the opportunity to know more about the local culture and traditions.

4. 杨家溪 Yangjiaxi (Yángjiāxī)

Yangjiaxi (pictured below) is situated in Xiapu, Fujian province. Despite the fact that only a few people are more or less familiar with this scenic spot, it is a place that every photographer is dreaming about. Yangjiaxi presents itself as a land of idyllic beauty.

In addition to admiring the fascinating natural scenery and being in close contact with wild animals, you wouldn't like to miss out on an exhilarating rafting journey. This would make you get awestruck by the magnificent mountains and cliffs.

5. 腾冲 Tengchong (Téngchōng)

Tengchong (pictured below) is located in Yunan province, an exotic place with a unique ethnic culture. The city itself is famous for its national volcanic and geothermal park. This is one of the very few places in China that would allow you to gain a comprehensive understanding of volcanoes and related sciences.

Meanwhile, Tengchong is also a popular spa resort owing to its well-developed hot- spring tourism. It's a fabulous choice for those who are looking to have a good time with their friends in a relaxing atmosphere.

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